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About Konya Agriculture Fair

21th Agriculture, Agricultural Mechanisation, and Field Technologies Fair Konya Agriculture is the largest agricultural fair in Turkey and one of the few agricultural fairs in the world. Hosting more than 200 thousand visitors in 6 different halls, the fair continues to offer the most innovative products with a wide range of products from tractors to combine harvesters, from seeding machines to pruning machines. During the fair, you will have the opportunity to learn the latest innovations in the sector, establish new business contacts, and strengthen your current connections with the leading companies in the sector.

Konya Agriculture Fair Information

Dates: 8-12 April 2025
Location: Konya - Türkiye
Venue:Tuyap Konya International Fair and Congress Centre


Agricultural Mechanisation in Turkey

In the field of agriculture and agricultural mechanization, Turkey offers technological innovations and automation solutions in agricultural equipment from tractors to harvesting machines. Turkey ranks 4th in the world in tractor production, with 68,534 tractors produced in the first nine months of 2023. The fair continues its preparations to present the latest innovations and technological developments in Konya, which is in the most important position in Turkey's agricultural mechanization manufacturing. Turkey, which makes significant contributions to the agricultural sector, invites you to be a partner of the unique experience at the Konya Agriculture Fair to meet professionals in the sector, establish business contacts, and have the chance to contribute to your business with the most innovative solutions in the sector as a partner of the unique experience.


Strong Collaborations, Strong Future!

KONYA AGRICULTURE 2025 Konya 21th International Agriculture, Agricultural Mechanization and Field Technologies Fair will be organized by our establishment Tüyap Konya Fairs Organization INC. in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Association of the Chambers of Agriculture, the Association of Agriculture Credit Cooperation, The Turkish Association of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers (TARMAKBIR), Konya Chamber of Commerce, Konya Chamber of Industry, Konya Exchange of Commerce in 2024 at Konya Chamber Of Commerce - Tüyap Konya International Fair Center - Konya, Turkey.