Why You Should Participate? l Konya Agriculture Fair


The 20th Konya Agriculture Fair is getting ready to open its doors. Take the opportunity to strengthen your company's presence in the agricultural sector and establish new collaborations at Konya Agriculture Fair. Reserve your place now and be a partner in this unique experience.


Why Konya Agriculture 2024?

Are you ready to be a partner of 20 years of unique experience that has opened its doors to more than 200 thousand visitors from 80 different countries? Konya Agriculture Fair, which is the focal point of the agricultural sector, prepares the ground for your company to seize new business opportunities and create new business associations. The fair, which offers the opportunity to catch the world's advanced technologies in agricultural mechanization, allows you to create your company's future strategic goals by closely following global trends and innovations. Take the opportunity to explore a dynamic showcase of new technologies, services, and tools designed specifically for all sectors of agriculture and a wide range of new technologies, services, and tools designed specifically for all sectors of agriculture, with the opportunity to promote your products and services worldwide, expand your business network and build international relationships!

20 Years of Experience with Wide Product Range

Konya Agriculture Fair continues to present the most innovative products with a wide range of products from tractors to harvesters, from seeding machines to pruning machines, and from trailers to sowing machines. During the fair, you will have the opportunity to learn the latest innovations in the sector, promote your company, establish new business contacts, and strengthen your existing connections with the leading companies in the sector. Take your place at Konya Agriculture Fair 2024 to have the chance to contribute to your business with the most innovative solutions in the sector as a partner in this unique experience!

Agricultural Mechanisation in Turkey

Turkey offers technological innovations and automation solutions in agricultural equipment from tractors to harvesting machines in the field of agriculture and agricultural mechanisation. Over the last five years, Turkey became a major player on the world stage, conducting research and determining the direction of the sector. In the first nine months of 2023, Turkey was the world's fourth largest producer of tractors, with 68,534 units manufactured. The fair continues its preparations to present the latest innovations and technological developments in Konya, which is in the most important position in Turkey's agricultural mechanisation manufacturing.


Previous Year at Konya Agriculture Fair

Konya Agriculture Fair, which hosted more than 200 thousand visitors from 80 different countries and seven regions of Turkey in the last fair and closely followed by the leading companies of the world and sector professionals, continues to draw attention.